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Welcome to EveIn Me

While I have an Eve in Me, God still says EveIn Me.

EveIn Me is a transformative Christian-based platform that passionately inspires and empowers women from diverse backgrounds to embrace their true identity in Christ, navigate life’s challenges, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Our Story

Overcoming Deception, Walking in Grace and Truth

At EveIn Me, our mission is to empower Christian women to overcome deception, walk in grace and truth, and embrace their true identities in Christ, all within a supportive community of believers.

Founded by Andrea Barlow, a devoted mother of three, EveIn Me was born out of the realization that the Christian journey is not about perfection, but about acknowledging one’s imperfections, weaknesses, and struggles, and finding grace and truth in the midst of them by turning to and leaning on the Word of God.

Now is the time to be real with ourselves and others and just confess that we made mistakes, understand why, and know that we have been given grace and we're forgiven!

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Faith In Feelings

Have you ever noticed how often we say “I feel” daily? It’s a phrase that effortlessly rolls off our tongues, showing how connected our emotions

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