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Meet Andrea

Promoting Sisterhood, Building Support, and Providing Godly Inspiration

As Christian women, we are provided with what feels like an overwhelming amount of DO’S and DON’TS as we are evolving and strengthening our walk with GOD. We don’t speak enough about our daily struggles and how the enemy has the tendency to deceive us and make bad things look, sound, and/or feel good in that moment, and we take the bait just as EVE did in the garden of Eden.

We are so pressured to not compromise our image and let others know when we are “missing the mark” or “failing the tests”, but the time is now to be real with others as well as ourselves and just confess that we made a mistake, understand why we did, and know that we have been given grace, and we are forgiven!

Hi! I’m Andrea Barlow, and I have spent 33 years trying to figure out the perfect way to breathe, walk, and live this Christian lifestyle as best as possible, and I have come to the conclusion that…

there isn’t one.

Walking in Grace & Truth

Applying Biblical Wisdoms to Daily Life

Being a mother of 3 boys and trying to juggle my family, church obligations, nursing career, and school is anything less than challenging. It seems that, no matter how hard I try to follow through with every commitment “crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s”, being humble, kind, loving, patient, and forgiving to everyone and through every situation I face, it just doesn’t work… and I’ve learnt that that’s OK!! I’ve realized that, to truly live this Christian lifestyle and grow continuously in God, I have to do more acknowledging, more confessing, and more seeking to understand the “why” for my actions; I have to be proactive in addressing my triggers, intentional about not allowing the mistakes to happen again, and I have to lean on a community of women for support who are on the same path that I am. Most importantly, I have to stay rooted in the Word of God, reading my Bible on a consistent, daily, basis, and of course, praying!

Through scripture memorization, Spirit-led interpretation, insightful resources, and engaging open forum discussions, at EveIn Me, we apply Biblical principles to daily life. I’ll be honest, the journey may be challenging and uncomfortable, but I believe that it is only through this process of self-awareness and reliance on God’s Word that we as women can elevate in our walk and discover the strength within. That’s why I’ve chosen the tagline, “Overcoming Deception, Walking in Grace & Truth”, because it perfectly captures the core mission of the EveIn Me brand, while our affirmation constantly reminds us that although we were deceived (and we often still are), we are forgiven because of God’s grace and His unconditional love for us. As our affirmation goes,

“While I have an Eve in me, I am constantly working hard to keep her suppressed every day, but if she is to arise, GOD still says EveIn Me!”

Our Mission

Empowering Christian women to overcome deception, walk in grace and truth, and embrace their true identity in Christ within a supportive community

Our Vision

To see a world where true women of God are freed from the chains of deception, boldly walk in the grace and truth of Christ, and positively impact their communities by living out their faith with confidence and authenticity