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Inspiring Personal Transformation, Nurturing Spiritual Growth, and Promoting Self-Discovery through Christ

From paperback devotionals to audio books, Bibles to Bible tabs, and more, we’ve prepared a selection of transformational books and cool gadgets that are sure to keep you motivated, help you overcome deception, and empower you to walk in grace and truth!

Here’s a list of free websites we’ve found to be helpful:


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Recommended Resources

Andrea's Collection: Amazon Must-Haves

Andrea has partnered with online retail giant, Amazon, as an Amazon Associate, to offer you a collection of inspirational and useful books and tools that have personally helped her on her Christian walk (paid links). Try out a few and let us know what you think of them! Do you have other recommendations? 

My Prayer Journal

Written by EveIn Me’s own Andrea Barlow, this journal is a must-have! Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of prayer, reflection, and spiritual growth with “My Prayer Journal: 42-Day Scripture Reflection” This special edition journal is a curated collection of 42 days'(186 pages) worth of scripture reflection prayer, and notetaking based on daily scriptures of your choice.